Why Take Art Lessons?

Attending drawing and painting lessons can benefit the health of both children and adults. Learning to paint or draw from someone offering art lessons in fort lee nj could be just what you or your child need.

When we paint, we learn not only to be creative, but we can improve several aspects of our lives.

First, children can learn fine motor control. Fine motor control is the coordination of muscles, tendons, and bones to make very small and precise movements. Painting involves mixing colors, pressing more lightly or harder with the brush, and adding in details to a picture. This means that art lessons will give adequate practice when trying to refine these skills.

This in turn, research has found, could actually help combat Parkinson’s disease and even Alzheimer’s. Painting helps to relieve stress, depression, and gives one a better quality of life, thus helping to prevent diseases further on. The neural connections made between the two parts of the brain can help against cognitive illnesses.

As mentioned above, painting can help prevent and fight against depression. Painting lets us to distract ourselves, to express ourselves, and to feel better even when we are alone. We learn to enjoy our company and our thoughts. When a person paints, they easily get to a point where they are in harmony with Alpha waves, electromagnetic waves that are created in the brain cells. In art, we call it aesthetic experience, but it´s a real thing – and it feels good. It feels connected, inspired, and peaceful.

Painting can also help with patience. A good oil painting cannot be finished in just one afternoon. If it truly has adequate details and finish, it will take a span of several days to finish. It takes patience to perfect both artistic skills and the painting.

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