Why dance salsa?

Salsa. You’ve probably got a lot of ideas in your head about what it is and why you should or shouldn’t take it up. However, here, we’ll leave you with several VERY good reasons why you might consider looking for salsa classes nyc.

It doesn’t matter where you are – whether you’re in the heart of NYC or in another country – you´ll find someone who dances salsa. It’s danced all over the world. Imagine that you’re going as a tourist to another country and you don’t know anyone at all. What do you do? Google places to dance salsa. You WILL find one near! That way, you can go pass the night well, enjoy yourself, and ask lots of girls or guys to dance. You’ll make new friends.

If you don’t know how to dance salsa where will you end up? Probably in a bar, drunk, and stuck with mainly tourists.

Salsa is something you can practice anytime, anywhere. You don’t need special equipment – just a little practice!

Another huge advantage is that salsa is fun! Not only is the music catchy, but the freedom you feel while dancing is addictive! Salsa classes are usually relaxed and very fun.

Learning can also help you develop more self-confidence. This is especially true for the guys. Salsa doesn’t have a specific choreography during a dance, so once you have the steps confidently down you can be spontaneous and fun. If you’re the guy, you’ll be the leader when dancing with someone, so you may feel that you are finally in control of some part of your life.

There are tons more benefits to learning salsa, but the last (and the best) is that not only do you get to listen to good music, but it’s a hobby that costs you nothing!